Electrical and Electronics Engineer

I am an open minded person who works well both in teams and independently.

Helpfulness is a matter of course for me, and I am happy to make an extra effort to meet deadlines for both myself and my colleagues.

I am meeting stable and have a positive attitude to new challenges.

I am responsible and can quickly acquire new knowledge and am curious.

I have the ability to adapt to new tasks and welcome unexpected situations, variation and change.

I see opportunities and no limitations and am always ready for new tasks.

I can handle several types of tasks and at the same time work under changing working conditions.

I have a distinct sense of order, work very structured and am good at creating order myself.

Flexibility with both tasks and working hours I am always ready for.

İş Deneyimleri

  • Gibotech AS, Odense Denmark / 2018 Ekim - 2020 Nisan
    System developer

    - Steel & Plastic Kuka and Fanuc robots CMS CNC. Large fully automatic vacuum forming plant with integrated CNC machining. Vacuum forming is performed via new and modern machine which could produce workpieces in dimensions up to 1750 x 6250 mm. In addition to forming, the plant could finish the CNC plant also in workpiece sizes up to 1750 x 6250 mm. and 2000 x 3200 mm. I was part of the developer team and as a responsibility I had the development and programming of the software that controlled the communication between the CNC system and the KUKA / Fanuc robots. There are two different robots.

    - Hospital project, establishment of new sterile center at Rigshospitalet which was the largest hospital project to date. The solution automates and centralizes both the processing and distribution of sterile products throughout the Capital Region and fills 4 floors with goods receipt, automatic storage, washing areas, etc. I was part of the development team and as a responsibility I had development and programming of various modules of the system to follow. the movement of the various robots (carriages) on the screen.

  • TESTAŞ Ankara / 1993 Ağustos - 1994 Haziran
    R&D Engıner

    - Responsible for the development of hardware and software for the ‘intelligent’ taximeters

    - Primary development language used was Turbo Pascal. The taxi meters were developed within the ISO-9000 standards

    - Project manager for technical support / guidance within the first mobile phones and GSM.

    - Project participant in the design of emergency power supplies

  • Turkish Military 1011 / 1994 Haziran - 1995 Ekim
    Reserve officer Engineer

    - Responsible for the development and maintenance of the electronic equipment of the department that provided accumulators for Turkish Army vehicles

    - Responsible for equipment such as emergency power supplies, rechargeable equipment and various measuring instruments.

  • Dansk Microsoftware, Aveleo, KMD Odense Denmark / 1999 Şubat - 2018 Eylül
    System developer

    - Kingo is used for record keeping with used eg. in child and youth administrations, in adult special education centers, in communication centers and in rehabilitation institutions. Furthermore, Kingo is approved for MedCom correspondence and now also with interface for doc2mail.

    I developed the system, was responsible for conversions from other databases, eg MSSQL database to the Kingo system.

    Kingo also has a web solution, which I have been responsible for the design and development of.

    Designed and developed in collaboration with 2 colleagues.

    Delphi-Berlin 10.1 (Madshi, Addictive Spell, Addict Dictionary Wizard, Addict 4 PlusPackage, Hunspell, DCP Encryption, QuickReport, ImageEN, WPTools, wPDF v.4, Infopower studio, TMS Component pack), MS SQL.

    Booking system used in public administrations and institutions with a need for personal registration. The system is used e.g. child and youth administrations, in communication centers. The booking system has an integration with Kingo.

            Designed and developed by the undersigned.

            CodeGear Delphi 2009 (TMSSoftware Planner, QuickReport,

            WPTools, Woll2Woll), MS SQL.

    - Nursing Homes

    Financial system for use in nursing homes. Calculates the cost for the residents of the nursing home.

    Designed and developed by the undersigned.

    Delphi 7 (QuickReport, Woll2woll), MSSQL, Interbase5

    - Library Program

    Where all books were registered with author, key words. ISBN numbers etc. Designed and developed by the undersigned.

    Delphi 7 (QuickReport, InfoPower), Interbase5

    - Filing

    Developed intermediate tool for archiving internal material for state archives.


  • Imranli Lisesi / 1980 Eylül - 1983 Haziran

  • METU / 1983 Eylül - 1991 Eylül
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering


  • Management - expert
  • Development and application, system development me - expert
  • Team development - expert
  • Scrum - experienced
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) - expert
  • Communication and presentation. - expert
  • Development and application, system development to - expert


  • Turkish - native
  • Danish - c2
  • English - c2